[T3] Diagnosis help for a badly running 1971 VW 411

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Tue Aug 13 14:09:22 PDT 2019

some T4's got the fuel cutoff, the 2L porshe did not however and my 2056
doesnt have that.  Stinks like a skunk on deceleration.


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On 12 Aug 2019 at 22:09, Keith Park wrote:

> Interestingly, T4's never got the Pressure sensor WITHOUT the diaphragm

Okay, so I remembered that comment backwards, and the generation of 
D-jet that Type 4s never got was our 3rd generation, where the diaphram 
style pressure sensor had been superceeded by the closed style plus the 
5-pin TPS.

Did Type 4s never get a 5-pin TPS?

> What we do need to check is that the 1.8L T4 motors were L jet, all the
> others were D jet.

Okay, I'm looking at the microfilm now, and I see that in '74 VW produced 
4000 EA Type 4 engines. These were all D-jet 1.7 L.

To compare, in '73 they produced 98,793 EA engines and 10,020 EB 
engines. All of these were D-jet 1.7 L. In addition, they also produced lots
1.7 L carb engines, but those numbers have been rounded up to over 1/4 
million, so I don't believe them at all.

In '74, in addition to the 4000 EA1.7 L D-jetronic engines, they produced 
39,000 1.8 L EC L-jet engines.

I'm not sure what the difference was between the EA and EB engines. It 
seems likely that they were different compression ratios, as the EA came 
with 80 HP while the EB came with 72 HP. (Or, to use the proper 
engineering lingo, BHP, Brake HorsePower.)

It's interesting that while the '74 D-jet 1.7 L EA engines were still rated
at 80 
BHP, the new '74 L-jet 1.8 L EC engines delivered just 76 BHP.

Note that it's possible that these production numbers include everything
went into both Type 4s and 914/4s. There's no way to tell, and I suspect
engines for both cars were made at the same place at the same time, so 
there's no way to tell from here how they were divided up.

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