[T3] Heater cable connectors ?

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 18:58:28 PST 2019

I  replaced my front heater cables from the heat/defrost lever . I wanted
to know if the connectors that you connect the cables together like the
ones used for the rear foot wells they hold the two cable ends together and
also are an adjustment of the cable length are still available .

 Mine seem fine yet I didn't know they were plastic. In case I need them is
there something like these that can be used?

 It was a tough job replacing these. I used late beetle cables they are
about 20" longer . The right one was broken about 16" from the connector
under the tin cover on the floor. The old ones had bent over ends I had to
bend the new ones over just to get them through the tubes/conduit because
they were just cut ends yet I didn't make these bends after , I just fit
them in and adjusted and cut the extra length off . I left a bit over an
inch out past the connector if I need to make bends or fold them over. I
didn't strip them just enough to clamp the two cables to hold. I never
really looked at the rear ones don't know if they are also plastic with
brass screws and a brass base inside the plastic.

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