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By 1970, dealerships were using all sorts of radios. While the Motorola's and ZVW radios were preferred by the distributor, lots of customers insisted on Blaupunt as an upgrade or, as on my dealership, we used Audiovox with install kits provided by Audiovox. So, that said, anything is game. There are lots of good, modern "vintage" appearing radios on the market. The antenna hole should be plugged in the left front fender and a small grommet on the upper inner fenderwall to pass through to the interior. Be sure to seal with RTV as it's a direct leak to the fuse box if you don't. 

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  On Sun, Dec 29, 2019 at 12:00, greg knight<gregtheknight at hotmail.com> wrote:   Hi.  Working on getting the final touches on my 70 fastback so I can apply for collector plates.  My car never came with a radio installed that I can tell.  Does anyone know if a  radio and speaker are an aftermarket feature of this year?
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