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Gary Forsmo gbforsmo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 17:03:35 PST 2019

My '69 Square also did NOT come with a radio from the factory when we
bought it new in 1969.

But during our first service appointment for an oil change, valve
adjustment, etc. I had them install two options.
1.)  A Sapphire (#?) AM radio. At that time, we didn't have enough money
for a Blaupunkt model. And
2.)  A Walnut Shift Knob with a colored, metal disc on top, that had the
shift pattern embossed into it.

Prior to the '69 VW we had two, "three-on-the tree" cars.

But my wife had a bit of a problem with the 4-speed manual tranny on the
'69.  It had the standard shift lever with "push down/move left and back"
shift pattern" for reverse.

Gary "Frito" - '69 Squareback, FI, MT, One-owner
Rockport, TX (winter)
Lake Geneva, WI (summer)
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