[T3] Question about heater controls on 73 T-3

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 16:05:10 PST 2019

I found friction washers and I used a late beetle / super beetle cables for
the front floor/defrost.

 My question is on the floor/defrost lever there are three holes . the top
one was not used and when I removed the lever to replace the cable the
middle hole was connected to the rear foot wells and the bottom hole to the
front. I wasn't sure so I looked again and the rear cable tubes are higher
and the front tubes are lower so it appeared they were correct. I saw one
post on Samba where one fellow looked at his 73 fast back and he said there
were 2 holes and the lower ones went to the rear cables.

 After I replaced the front cables and lubed them I set the left control
lever to defrost so the front floor flaps were closed , if I pull the left
lever up it opens both rear foot wells and the front floor . I don't see a
stop for the front flaps when fully open so I used the defrost and adjusted
for fully closed . I have the same issue as before, when I pull the left
control lever fully up it does not hit the lever stop , it does when fully

 I don't think anything has even been done with the heater cables. Do I
need to adjust the rears at the connectors so the lever hits the stop when
fully up? Does it matter if the lever hits the full up stop?

 Nothing in the Bentley explains adjustments.

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