[T3] original FI hose jacketing

Phil Hof phil.hof at ostronic.org
Fri Jul 5 19:40:57 PDT 2019

I remember how the engine compartment looked from the factory, including the fuel lines.  It was braided fuel hose, and the long part of the loop, crossing over the engine top from the 3/4 side to the 1/2 side, was jacketed in a thick but flexible grey sleeving.  It reminded me of the largest of the FI wiring sleeving.

I wondered why they did this… maybe protection from vibration abrasion, maybe from engine oil, or maybe to keep it cooler?

Lacking that sleeving, I used the kind of corrugated sheathing used for wiring protection and organizing, which is slit end to end.  I figured it would help greatly with any abrasion issues, and also some heat protection, since it kept it off the case, and provided some airspace between hot metal and the fuel line.  Oil protection would be hit and miss with this material, since it isn’t continuous, but at the time this engine was not leaking so it seemed less vital than the other two protections.

>>> Most of you don't remember what the FI engines looked like when they were 
>> new. Yes, the hoses had exposed braid, but that was covered by some grey 
>> vinyl sleeving that made the exposed braid invisible except at the very ends, 
>> where the single-loop Oetiker hose clamps were. There was very little braid 
>> visible and no screw type hose clamps of any kind.
>> I'd LOVE to find a source for grey vinyl sleeving, because I suspect that it 
>> provided one more layer of heat shielding that kept the gas from boiling 
>> during the heat soak after shutdown.

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