[T3] End of May I replaced the runner boots and head gaskets.

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 15:27:57 PDT 2019

 I kept asking myself if I torqued the left runner to head nuts. Today I
removed the plug wires to access the 2 screws that hold the tin covers in
place to access the 2 nuts. They were not torqued at most 5 ft-lb . When I
did the right I did it in two steps 7 ft-lb then 14 ft-lb on the left I had
to bend the #3 runner up about 1/8" and somehow forgot to torque them .
I've only put 30 miles on the car since so I doubt any dust got under the
gaskets I had the area pretty clean all around them right up to the valve
covers and everywhere else used scrapers and a shop vac and got the entire
area clean even used carb cleaner and compressed air. so there was no dirt
anywhere same the the runners. . I did the right said too and found they
were a bit less than 14 ft-lb they must change through heat cycles.

 Glad I checked , I was so distracted when doing this job because our last
cat 17 1/2  year old was just getting near the end plus I'm old .

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