[T3] 71 Squareback MT/FI - Turn Signal Questions

Wisconsin Spryers wispryers at gmail.com
Sun May 26 12:52:49 PDT 2019

The horn on my 1971 Squareback is not working - the horn is very rusty, not
sure if the internals have been damaged or not. I started with testing the
continuity of the wiring from the horn back to the fuse box and steering
wheel. I was not getting any continuity from the horn  back to the steering
wheel so I removed the Steering Wheel and noticed the following:

   1. The 4 securing screws to hold the turn signal switch are missing.
   2. There is only one Contact Tab "Spring" - the contact point with the
   slip ring on the steering wheel. Mine only has one "spring" located on the
   upper half of the signal switch. There is no such spring tab on the lower
   half of the Turn Signal Switch and it does not appear that the part is
   broken. I thought there would be two contact springs based on some pictures
   I've seen posted.

My questions are:

1) What type of screws (size, length) are used to secure the turn signal
switch and where can they be purchased?

2) Is having only the upper contact spring normal?

3) Any tricks, things to watch out for when removing the turn signal
switch? Mine has the cable guide rail that slips into the

4) Any replacements for the 1971 Turn Signal Switches?

The turn signal switch seems to works fine: Left and Right bulbs light up
as expected, both front & back, with headlights on or off. I still need to
check if the high-beams work.


-- Richard Spryer
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