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Subject: 71 sqbk FI question

Hello, my name is Vic Birtalan, I drive a 71 squareback that is fuel injected and I am attempting to resolve a problem with either fuel flow or spark.  The engine starts normally and when up to a cruise speed runs fairly well, but is difficult to gain speed when putting a load on the engine, as in accelerating.  A mechanic has ruled out most of the usual FI problems and has stated that this inability to accelerate may be due to a crack in one of the cylinder heads.  He has established that two injectors, on opposite sides of the engine, are not receiving fuel when the engine is under load.  He speculates that current to the plugs on those cylinders is being diverted by the crack.  Has anyone encountered this scenario on a 71 FI?  I would appreciate any information that anyone can provide.  Thanks,  Vic
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