[T3] Type 3 Front Seats

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Thu May 30 02:41:32 PDT 2019

Thank you for your reply. The Front Seats in our 1972 Type 3 Automatic Variant are not the very last model VW used. The very last ones had a 3rd mounting point in the centre. Ours are just 2 Rail, so I’m guessing ours are the up to mid 1972 Seats you mentioned. The Rake Adjustment Cams are mainly Black but bright silver where they are worn, so probably the Zinc materiel. I already decided that it is usually Drivers Seats that are worn out while Passenger Seats are usually good. Our RHD cars will mainly have good Left Seats and your LHD Cars will mainly have good Right Seats. I tried sitting in our Passenger Seat, probably for the first time ever. I was surprised how comfortable it is ! Always been jealous of your Highback Seats. The solution would be to get a really good Pair of Highbacks but they are very rare over here. I’ll maybe have a go at dismantling the mechanism by removing the Pins and see what can be done.

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