[T3] Fuel leak on type 3 F.I. Fastback

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Like Jim was saying, IF you're sure it's a fuel leak in the piping, you'll need to determine which line it is first.  Ideally the way to replace it, is putting a new line(s) inside the tunnel, as that's the best place for them. On my 71 Notch though, I ran new lines on the outside, along the edges of the center plate under the car (where the tunnel is spot welded to the pan). I used a coil of 5/16ths tubing, and some Adel clamps (coated with rubber from McMaster Carr), and some self tapping screws to hold the new lines in place. I went this route because I didn't know where the fuel line anchors were inside the tunnel, and I felt that IF I had a fuel leak, I could spot it easier. Also, putting the lines back in the tunnel looked like a very large job, with limited space to work in (very close quarters).
I hope this helps.

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My fastback has developed a fuel leak which appears to be coming from in the tunnel!  Has anyone experienced this?
Can this line be replaced or do you have to by-pass it by running a new line outside of the tunnel?  Also I am not sure whether it is the pressure line or the return line.
It is leaking quite a bit so I do not want to drive it until fixed and financially taking it to a shop is out of the question right now.  If I can figure out which line it is would it be best to just replace that line or would you replace both?

Art Sterrett
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