[T3] Bosch plug wire question on coil wire .

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 09:51:59 PST 2019

Thank you Jim I saw that. Pretty interesting how things have changed. I had
to use the cap ends like the ones you cut off since that's about all you
can find how days. There are better ones that have a true 90 degree end to
fit the late Bosch 90 cap boot , they are crimped on the same way only
instead in a straight copper core wire fished through a 90 degree boot
which I find difficult to fit without first plugging the wire out then
pushing it in the cap to seat it fully then holding the wire and sliding
the boot down . The same boots can be used with a full 90 degree crimped on
cap end and the crimp would then be just inside the boot end where the wire
exits. Beldon wire sets Napa offers have that end. The other issues with
the crimp on ends is you need a crimping tool and using either the straight
crimp on end or the 90 degree is later ones are what appear to be plated
steel when removing them they tend to chew up the copper in the cap , the
brass ends do not . The old set on the Bosch wires I got in the 80;s have
brass ends the ones I got in 2015 make in Mexico had the steel. The plug
ends are the same. A few places still sell the wire sets like I got yet now
cost $70 . The coil end terminal is the same as the cap a short straight
crimp on yet once crimped it will not pull off inside the coil tower.

 The coil wire on the original Bosch set read 6.5K ohm seemed high , the
set from 2015 read  .756K so 756 ohm yet since I kept pulling it out of the
coil you  need to pull on the wire and being carbon core it developed an
open somewhere no I used an old solid core plug wire and re used the one
crimp now I have the 5K rotor and 1k plug ends, small amount of 756 ohm the
coil wire had was nothing yet over time the same older coil wire became
6.5K ohm and it was not broken so these carbon core wires break down over
time and i can't trust them. I don't like them . Even though I was pulling
on the coil wire to get it out the outer jacket and inner white inner core
should have been enough to prevent the carbon core from stress yet all that
core is is fiber string  with a shinny black coating that's thin yet feels

 I can't afford the old OEM bosch cap ends so I might later on get a fair
crimper and use the full 90 degree crimp on cap terminals made of brass and
use the bosch 90 rubber boots. For now I think I'm fine.

On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 8:50 AM Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 11 Nov 2019 at 17:05, William Jahn wrote:
> > Jim do you have any photo's of the screw on cap OEM Bosch wires?
> Here's a post I just made on thesamba, with photos of everything you might
> want to see related to high voltage spark plug wiring.
> https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9210810#9210810
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