[T3] On my 73 square

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Personally I think it's time you got with Ray Greenwood, and adjusted 
the MPS. I watched Keith do it sitting at a picnic table back in 2010, 
when he was fine tuning on his 71 Square. He had out his note book, 
as he was data logging any and all changes. He wasn't using anything 
fancy, just the data he had already logged into his book.
I believe Phil also tweaked his MPS, but that was after he bumped up 
the engine size in his Fastback.
Keep in mind that it's not a set and forget change deal. You set it close, 
then fine tune from there. Even Tram has adjusted the MPS before, but, 
he uses a sniffer to set them. I think you've tuned on every other part of 
the system trying to fix this, and you're down to this last part.
However, I don't know IF adjusting the MPS will fix your "miss at idle" issue.
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Jim I agree I too feel it's running lean mainly because as you said the
unplugged TS1 does make it more rich .

 On another site which I shall not name I am constantly  told to adjust the
MPS which is not something I care to do , I feel it will just make things
worse. It might be a last resort if everything was proven to be in spec  if
one had a sniffer. The issue I have was not gradual or a long term change
it was more or less sudden.

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