[T3] Witness Squareback

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Tue Sep 17 08:20:21 PDT 2019

On 17 Sep 2019 at 9:10, William Sills wrote:

> Well, it´s getting passed on again if anyone is interested.  Here the link to the current auction site.   http://paauctioncenter.com/upcoming-auctions/4189046  
> No title....

Interesting, says No Title, found in a storage unit, and color underside of the 
hood is dark blue, repainted light blue for the movie. This car is also a '71, 
but for some reason I thought the Witness car was a '73.

So, if this was found in a storage unit, does that mean that the person who 
brought it to the Hershey Invasion was not the person who recently sold it on 
ebay? Anybody know?

It's been a long time. I should watch that movie again.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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