[T3] Late Model (dual bleeder) Caliper Assembly Bolt Question

Tim OKType3Tim at cox.net
Fri Sep 27 08:21:05 PDT 2019

A follow up to this subject/question which I posed several days ago.


This picture shows "early with socket head cap screws" vs "late with socket
head cap screws" vs "late with hex head cap screws".  All are marked both VW
and ATE, so original units.  All with 42mm pistons.




I'm not in desperate need for replacement cap screws..but these items are
turning out to be unusual and so-far; hard to find.  Bel-Metric, AFT
Fasteners, McMaster-Carr, and a variety of other internet sources don't have
them.  The main issue is the 7mm diameter being unusual, compounded by the
12.9 strength spec.

(an aside: I've found a couple internet references indicating that the
torque spec on this cap screw would be 21.7 Ft-lb. for a plain-dry


I suppose the first take-a-way is to treat these cap screws with respect
since they can't be replaced easily.


Tim Shreve,  OKType3tim at cox.net <mailto:OKType3tim at cox.net> 





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