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Well Im considering it tuned now, perhaps I could get more power out of it
but the gas mileage is pretty good.

Towed 1000lbs home a few weeks ago and it did pretty well, struggled on the
hills a bit on the highway but I was pretty heavy.

Getting the boat home it struggled more, not sure why, about half the weight
but maybe more of a wind drag than the batteries were.


2 Trips to PA, I was heavy but not towing anything, 70-75 the whole way on
the highway and got 24MPG, not bad... but it gets more interesting,

that was at 65 degrees out, on the return trip it was 85, and when its that
much warmer the AFR meter registers at least a half a percentage point
Richer, always seems to 

run richer the hotter it gets outside but on the way home, same conditions,
only 85 outside, it got 25MPG!  lower AFR numbers but actually running
leaner! Or maybe more efficient?

I never thought Id get 25MPG with that motor!  not much worse than the stock
engine.  It seems happy there, 225 oil temps, 315 at the heads on the top of
the big hills...


Now if Only it didnt rattle so much below 2K RPM, valve train noise...
still not sure whats causing it other than the cam gear mesh being loose (0)
gear when a -3 was needed.


Run to Richmond in 2 weeks, we'll see how it does with that...





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