[T3] my long term issue have to unplug TS1 for a smooth idle.

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 10:17:10 PDT 2019

. Since my last post the consensus was it was lean. I also noted the idle
on a cold start would start out at 850 RPM then within a few minutes rise
to 1200  and once warm in park it was 1000 yet if I gave it a bit of gas it
would climb back up so I felt the throttle cable was binding.

 I lubed the throttle shaft and the cable barrel since I cleaned the entire
IAD and fixed the pedal roller from catching the carpet. This only made
moving the pedal smoother didn't cure the hanging idle.

 It seems like TS1 does work or it would have no affect unplugged . making
it richer .

 I have a spare MPS 311 906 051 D that used to work fine. I decided to
clear out the epoxy locking the one 7 mm allen adjustment screw . Bolted
the MPS by one bolt where the EGR relay is bolted to the MPS bracket and
left the E MPS in place. I just connected the D unit ground and hose and 4
pin connector and ran the engine till warm . I marked the D MPS starting
point so I had 12 equal spaced marks. Then with TS1 connected turn the
adjustment screw 1/16th turn CCW it helped some then another 1/16 turn and
it runs very close to having TS1 unplugged.

 What I found it the idle no longer is affected by giving it a bit of gas
and now does not climb to 1200 RPM , the erratic miss was gone as was the
unsteady RPM rise as I opened the throttle. If I turned the screw CW 1/16
turn it was acting as it was before.

 I did not want to screw with the E mps the 116 it is still from the
factory adjustment yet felt the D since it's the same exact unit as the E
and did work fine before all this . If one removed the numbers from the E
and D MPS you cannot tell one from the other.

 I need to start it since it cooled down over night and drive it till hot
and see if it starts well and idles well . It now idles and runs very close
to having TS1 unplugged . If it starts and warms up and drives well I may
give it a bit more CCW turn out because the idle was a bit smoother with
the E MPS and the TS1 unplugged .

 This tells me the baseline mix was lean and if it drives well and idles
well and has not issues from cold start through warm up and drives well
then this may have fixed this long term issue.

 I know adjusting the MPS is done by some in the know yet I tried it and so
far things are much better with the slight adjustment and TS1 connected.
1/8th turn in not much and I didn't ruin the E116 MPS .

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