[T3] my long term issue have to unplug TS1 for a smooth idle.

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 17:30:56 PDT 2019

I just checked the AAR . Pulled the hose off the IAD end and looked with a
mirror and even though it's a little warm still it's almost completely open
so it's not sticking closed .

On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 2:52 PM Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 30 Sep 2019 at 13:16, William Jahn wrote:
> > The idle didn't hang like it did before. Still when I first started it
> the
> > RPM was a bit higher than 850 it increased by 50 RPM and it then climbed
> to
> > 1200 seems there is a lag before the AAR brings the idle up yet it does
> get
> > to 1200 faster.
> The AAR should be partly open when you first start, and then close off
> completely once the engine is warmed up. But what if yours is sticky? If
> it
> only moves under engine vibration, it might remain fully closed as the
> warm
> engine cools down. That would give you a low idle when you first start up,
> but would then increase the idle as the vibration lets it open. As the
> engine,
> and the AAR warm up, the AAR would close down again.
> You can test this by putting your thumb over the hose leading to the AAR.
> If
> it does nothing when the idle is ~900 but slows things down when the idle
> has risen to ~1200, you know that it's at least partly due to the AAR
> changing.
> >  I don't have anything to compare the way mine starts with. Jim when you
> > start your 73 what do you notice ?
> My idle starts out a bit high, then slows down as the AAR warms up and
> closes. In other words, the AAR seems to be working correctly. I don't
> think
> my idle every gets even close to 1200. The AAR is NOT actually supposed
> to increase the idle speed at all. It's supposed to increase the engine
> power
> when it's cold. Ideally, this would be just enough to overcome the
> increased
> friction of the cold oil.
> Note that the idle speed should be set with the engine warm and the AAR
> fully closed.
> If the balance between the AAR opening and the viscosity of the oil is not
> perfect, and it never is, the idle speed of a cold engine in cold weather
> will
> be diffeent from what it's set at when hot.
> When your idle speed gets up toward 1200, that will start to bring the
> mech
> advance into play, which will increase the RPMs even more. It's possible
> that
> you have the AAR closing at too high a temp. The adjustment does not
> inclrease or decrease the total opening amount, it only changes the
> temperature range over which the opening occurs. There will always be
> some temp when the AAR is fully open and another when it is fully closed.
> I think you took your AT AAR apart and cleaned and adjusted it. I've never
> taken one of those apart, but I've done lots of the MT ones. This has me
> wondering if you have yours closing at too high a temp.
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