[T3] Was Bosch plug wire question on coil wire .

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I would love to see a reproduction of the outer window scraper. I've been using 
bus inners to rebuild the outers, it leaves something to be desired, as the 
lower leg of the seal is too short in my opinion. If it weren't for the price, I'd 
use 65 on bug window scrapers and trim, and just drill out the rivets and just 
use the rubber pieces. Those fit much better, and look better installed. If we 
could just get the rubber piece only (like the bus inners), that would be great.

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 I wonder if outside door window scrapers could be done this way. Are there 
3D printer materials that are flexible?

What kind of scan are you talking about? It seems like it would need to be 
some sort of 3D scan, perhaps by laser.

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