[T3] Wiring Harness Thoughts

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 Jeff, you might want to try a product called Deoxit. You basically dip the 
wire ends into it. You can use a q-tip on the blade ends of the fuse box to, 
to clean them up. As for the headlights and front marker lights, double 
check the ground screw found in each corner in front of the fuel tank. Make 
sure it's a clean connection. In the rear, crack the mounting screws loose, 
and re-tighten them. That should help the ground connection back there.I hope this helps.Bob 65 Notch S w/sunroof
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Concerning grounding. I added a ground panel to the front wall with
multiple ground connection lugs years ago. Each of the instruments has a
separate ground from the body to the ground lug panel, so none of them are
dependent on the retaining clips . BTW, I included a point on that panel to
easily attach the ground pin on the volt meter.
The instruments work, but the head, turn, and tail lights are not
consistently working now.

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