[T3] Steering column help

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Thu Nov 5 14:09:41 PST 2020

On 5 Nov 2020 at 9:58, Max Welton wrote:

> > I think your '67 column is almost completely different from all the later
> > columns. The only similar parts would be the shaft, horn circuit and wheel.
> > The turn signal switch and lock assy. are completely different.
> >
> > I don't see the bearing in your photo. I'd start there, get the shaft in place,
> > and then see how the turn signal switch fits.
> Isn't #16 in my first pic the bearing?

Okay, I thought that was just the horn contact ring.

> > There might be good cause to consider swapping to a later Type 3 column.
> > The early ign. sw. is NLA and the TS switch is fiddly. Starting in '68 we also
> > got a collapsing shaft, which could be a lifesaver in a crash.
> I would except the housing has already been powdercoated and looks
> really nice. Also the ign switch is an ISP replacement so it isn't 53
> years old.

> I'm trying to figure out what keeps the switch located. Looks like
> there needs to be a screw or post through the semi-circular part to
> engage the switch?

Sorry, I can't help you. I'm not familiar with those early parts. I'm puzzled by 
the electrical terminal strip in your photos. That doesn't look right to me. I'm 
really not sure, but that makes me wonder if you might have some Beetle 
parts there, and possibly all from a Beetle. I don't know which parts would be 
the same and which are different.

> I'm making a list of missing parts using https://www.vwispwest.com/pg94
> 113415589A Thrust Ring
> 113415587A Thrust Spring
> 113415593A Washer
> 111415521D Locking Shell

Keep in mind that some vendors will supply Beetle parts when that's all they 
can get. Sometimes this works well, but sometimes it leads to confusion.

> I'm wondering if my best bet would be to obtain another steering
> column (like from a bug) for parts. Those are all type-1 bug part
> numbers. And of course I would learn a lot from taking it apart.
> A column from a 61-67 bug should do, right?

Only the '67 would have the same turn signal switch. Unfortunately, '67s are 
high demand cars, so that part might be hard to find, especially since it's a 
one year only part. I don't know what other parts might also be different. But, 
yes, having almost anything to take apart would be educational.

Okay,so you've already invested in the powder coating and the expensive 
ISP replacement ign switch. I suspect a '68-9 shaft would still drop right in 
and give you some crash protection.  

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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