[T3] Steering column help

Max Welton max.welton.2k at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 15:35:52 PST 2020

> > I'm making a list of missing parts using https://www.vwispwest.com/pg94
> >
> > 113415589A Thrust Ring
> > 113415587A Thrust Spring
> > 113415593A Washer
> > 111415521D Locking Shell
> Keep in mind that some vendors will supply Beetle parts when that's all they
> can get.

Also possible that VW themselves used some type-1 parts in type-3 cars?

> Sometimes this works well, but sometimes it leads to confusion.

I'd be happy if it leads to a working assembly, given availability of
type-1 versus type-3 specific parts.

> Okay,so you've already invested in the powder coating and the expensive
> ISP replacement ign switch. I suspect a '68-9 shaft would still drop right in
> and give you some crash protection.

The switch was installed by the PO. But yeah $185. Seems reasonable
for a NEW switch. The parts were lost by the first guy I hired to do
the bodywork. He's gone along with some of the parts I need.

Have you actually done that swap? Know someone who has that I can talk
to? The body meets the chassis in three weeks.


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