[T3] Steering column help

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Fri Nov 6 07:32:19 PST 2020

On 5 Nov 2020 at 16:35, Max Welton wrote:

> Also possible that VW themselves used some type-1 parts in type-3 cars?

Certainly. This was common practice.

These are correct for your car.

> > 113415589A Thrust Ring
> > 113415587A Thrust Spring
> > 113415593A Washer

This is for the steering wheel lock, which it appears that '67s did not have. 
My later shafts already have this welded to the shaft. I don't think it causes 
any harm if it's not used, but the weld could be cut away if desired.

> > 111415521D Locking Shell

> Have you actually done that swap? Know someone who has that I can talk
> to? The body meets the chassis in three weeks.

I have not done that swap, but I don't see any problem, as long as the 2 
shafts are close to the same length. I just checked the VW parts book, and it 
shows just 2 shafts for all years: '71 and earlier, and '72 and later, so they 
sold the '68-71 shaft as the replacement for earlier cars.

I just measured 2 shafts that I have here, and they were 35-1/8 and 35-3/8 
inches. One of my shafts is probably from a '72. This is more than just the 
length of the shaft; this includes the "foot" that connects the shaft to the flex 
disk just above the steering box. There's adjustment for variations in body 
and pan in the mounting of the TS housing to the tube that would make up 
for variations here.

These parts are easy to install after the body is on the pan. In fact, that's 
when it SHOULD be done.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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