[T3] Front suspension questions

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Ball joint stud bolts are special hardened 9.8 shanked bolts,
split lock washer under them, torqued to 40 ft lbs, do this WITHOUT
any weight on the ball joint to push against the bolt, and make sure you
install the bolts WITHOUT any pressure on them from the ball joint stud,
its SO easy to roll those threads over!


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The front torsions arrived from ISP Friday completing the parts needed
for the front suspension.

I set the lower trailing link droop as specified in the brown Bentley.
I don't have the clever protractor shown in the manual. But I do have
an angle-finder graduated in degrees and a pool shooters eye so it
should be very close to 39 degrees. And it looks just like figure

First question: In order to get both ball joints connected on each
side I needed to compress the lower links with a jack after tying down
the pan. I think this is normal since there's no weight to speak of.
The body is still 18 miles from here. Comments?

Second question: Are there supposed to be big wavy washers under the
nuts securing the ball-joints? Seems like there ought to be.

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