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Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Mon Sep 21 18:46:13 PDT 2020



Well the crank arrived from European motorworks,  they did a nice job on it,
it looked new and was nice and clean, and of course, NOT BENT!

Bearing clearance is now more along the lines of where it should be, .003,
with the split bearing a bit tighter, .002, as you have to fit it to the

So the case will close around it properly and that tightens it up just a bit
horizontally.  I did see a couple rub marks on it during the test fit and
torque of the crank

But nothing is binding at all now, and if my measurements are correct its
within spec, and yes I checked, its not bent.  The Split bearings are
eggshaped a bit anyway and as a result

Get more oil than the others.  Rod bearings seemed a bit looser than past
ones, .0025 - .003, OK
 these were Glyco.


This is the first build where there was very little to no play between the
cam and crank, as this time the cam end play is .002 instead of .006 or
higher and of course the crank gear is tight,

As far as I could measure it was still round once on the crank, im nervous
about that now but im using all OEM VW stuff, key’s and all so it should be
OK and there was no lifting of the cam

In the case when it was all test fit and rotating.


The T4 engine goes back together nicely, and I have most of it together now
and hopefully it will go back in the car Wed afternoon.  What an ordeal this
has been!  2 ½ months!

I still haven’t readied the winter car for winter yet and we have only a
week of nice weather left in the Northeast this year.





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