[T3] Door question

Max Welton max.welton.2k at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 15:31:28 PDT 2021

> > Any chance these are original doors anyhow?
> No, the parts book shows those doors starting at 318 000 001. Someone
> must have replaced them, just to "update" the car. Just a guess, but I'm
> betting the door and ignition locks take different keys, too. I'm pretty sure
> they would have all matched with the car was new.
> BTW, the photo Aiden posted is correct for the heat flap. I MIGHT be able to
> find one, possibly two. The hinge is plastic, so they survive, but IIRC, the
> flap and clip are steel, so they tend to rust. If you had the hinge, you could
> probably fabricate something.

That would be awesome. Even something I could use as a template would
be helpful.

I would expect the plastic part to be more of a problem as it would
almost need to be 3-D printed.


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