[T3] Door question

Max Welton max.welton.2k at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 06:48:46 PDT 2021

>Does Max 's car have a chassis number starting 317 or 318 (367 or 368 for
>Squareback)?   I guess he is aware of the model year that VW used, starting
>in August?
Ya, he is. It's 317

I am not shocked that the doors aren't original. The PO was a father
and son team who did a lot of hackery on it.

The cowl vents were completely filled with bondo and painted over. The
bumpers have been rechromed and look nice enough. But they did a poor
job on the backside and the chrome flaked and all four brackets were
toast. The wiring was just hanging in tatters under the dash from the
broken fuse block. The entire lower part of the left rear inner fender
structure was missing and the fender itself was unsupported.

The kid was set to go away to college and they just declared the
project finished and sold it.


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