[T3] FI Fuel Hose

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Mon Jul 5 09:44:57 PDT 2021

The FI fuel hose I bought has arrived and I'm hoping to sell a bunch of it 
right away, since I had to buy a full 250' roll of it to get a decent price. Here's 
what it is:

This is Parker Super-Flex FL, Barrier Fuel Line Hose, which meets both SAE 
J30R7 and J30R14T2 specs. It has a max. working pressure of 100 psi, with 
the new minimal gasoline permeation rate of 15 g/m²/day. (That would seem 
to indicate that it also meets SAE J30R9 specs.) It also has a minimum bend 
radius of 2", which is important for us and is the smallest I've ever seen for 
5/16" hose. It has the right ID for our FI fittings and the OD is small enough, 
just barely, to pass thru the 3 places where our FI cars have rubber 

5/16" is just under 8 mm, which makes it a good choice for the FI fittings on 
our cars, which are all 8 mm tubes. Most of those tubes end in a bulge or 
"bead", which insures a seal on 5/16" hose. Those fittings will seal with 
almost any kind of hose clamp behind the bead. The hose clamp is not part 
of the seal; that's all done by the bead, but the clamp is there to keep the 
hose from slipping off the fitting. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN; that will just 
damage the hose.  

There are 4 places on our FI cars where the 8 mm tube does not have a 
beaded end. Those are the 4 ends of the 2 tubes that carry the fuel, supply 
and return, thru the pan/tunnel from the front to the rear of the car. Since 
there is no bead on those ends, those connections need a full circle clamp to 
assure a good seal. You can use the more expensive FI hose clamps from 
your FLAPS or I have plastic snap clamps for $0.75 each that seal full circle 
and have worked well for me. Worm gear clamps work sometimes, but only if 
you get the correct, very small size.

I stock Oetiker ear clamps in the correct size for this hose for $0.25 each. I 
use these on about half of the hose ends in each car. These are not 
reusable, but they make for a neat installation. These are just like the OE 
VW ones except that mine are double ear. They must be tightened down 
with end or diagonal cutters, NOT pliers. I also use these on the injector 
ends of the short injector hoses.

I have a nice pile of good used worm gear hose clamps if you need any of 
those, $1 each.

I can sell this hose for $3/ft. 22' will do a complete FI car, front and rear, so 
I'll sell 22' for $60 plus $22 shipping. If you need hose clamps, I can add 
those. If your injectors still have the factory crimp ferrules on them, I can cut 
those off and replace their short hoses for $5 each. If you need this, it would 
be best to ship me your injectors first, so I can ship everything back in one 
box for the same $22.

I have already sent individual messages to those of you who asked to buy 
hose. I didn't include any clamps in those quotes, but I can add anything you 
want to your order.

thanks for reading!

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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