[T3] some problems back, some gone...

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Wed Jun 2 19:36:03 PDT 2021

Well my issue with missing below 3000 RPM is gone, it may have been that
screw in the dist, or the dress of the FI wires.

Was about an hour down the highway about to get off the exit and the
ignition suddenly without warning cut out again, 

As I coasted down it cut back in briefly a couple times but then out
the switch back over to kettering and I was on my way again,

Once to the camp, I switched it back and it was running on the mark 10
  ???  wiggling wires changed nothing.  Last time I traced it to the
toggle switch,

The points signal not getting thru but in dissecting the switch found no
problem,  new switch anyway but

I replaced a couple push on connectors on the power and points wire
extenders and soldered extenders on, better fix but


Interesting thing was going home on the highway the Cruise control had no
problem with the kettering system noise, years ago one of the reasons

I went Mark 10 was it was a cleaner signal and solved the problem with
kettering noise kicking off the cruise.


One really weird thing on the way home was what seemed to be a threshold
shift in the mixture, on the way up It was right where I wanted it, 

Just kissing 15 at the leanest ¾ or so throttle at 3400RPM, on the way home,
same temp, about halfway home is started making love to 15 again and the
jumped into 

Bed with it running between 15 and 15.5 under the same conditions.  What
changed? I couldn’t find anything!  No vacuum leaks..  but it was also
interesting that even after this change

The car still ran fine, perhaps even a wee bit cooler oil temps, and when I
got off the exit, again ran fine!  Generally when I see 15+ it starts



Wondering if I believe what im seeing from the wideband, it still shows 22
in clean air, and has been very consistent in the past
 but something
changed just when I thought

I had everything nailed, yet the car is still running fine

  may try the
other pressure sensor, the spare, that needs a final calibration.


So running pretty well, but some odd issues





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