[T3] Steering Column Tube seal?

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Fri Jun 18 14:05:56 PDT 2021

On 18 Jun 2021 at 10:02, Max Welton wrote:

> Part # 311 415 573 according to the list.

This is a seal at the top of the steering tube, under the cast housing that 
contains the ign switch and turn signal switch.

> Just to be clear, this is the seal that fits around the steering
> column tube where it passes through the "firewall".

I don't find any "seal" there in the parts book for cars before '68. Up to the 
end of '67 I see a "Rubber mounting, lower" 311 415 603. It surrounds the 
steering tube and is shown a few inches above the bottom end of that tube.

I don't know cars before '68 well enough to remember if there should be 
something else there, but I don't see anything else in the parts book. I'd 
expect at least a grommet, but if it was used, it should be in the book.

To be fair, the later cars also have a "Rubber mounting, lower" but of a 
different style and part #, which looks like more of a grommet or seal. One of 
them might work, and they appear to differ in the size of hole in the firewall. 
The early one is 39 x 47; later is 39 x 52. This later part fits below a plastic 
bellows that runs between the bottom end of the steering tube and the 
firewall on later cars.

Does the '67 steering tube pass all the way thru the firewall?

What's the hole dia in your firewall? Is your steering tube 39 mm OD?

Reading thru the parts book often reveals interesting typos. In this section, I 
came across several "Thurst Rings". ;-)

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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