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Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Wed Jun 23 07:30:39 PDT 2021

On 21 Jun 2021 at 15:32, mpitargue at gmail.com wrote:

> Rest Of the World (ROW, but I think it was just Sweden, Japan and the UK?)
> kept carbs while the USA received FI. This air cleaner is from the years
> we in the US received FI. So this air cleaner is rather rare here. 

Thanks for the ROW explanation. I must have seen that somewhere before, 
but I didn't recognize it now.

I'm guessing that the air cleaner ducting change was designed to provide 
equal conductances to the two carbs, which was not easy since the right 
carb is so much closer to the air cleaner.

Is the ROW air cleaner still an oil bath? I have a '73 that was converted to 
carbs using a Brazilian setup that has a paper filter. I have the impression, 
from the Bill Fisher book, that an oil bath air cleaner actually flows air with 
less restriction.

It appears that lots of the world got dual carbs (and single carbs) right up to 
the end. I believe they were an option in the UK and I've had people in South 
Africa mention them, along with late cars with swing axle rear suspensions. It 
took me a LONG time to realize that VW didn't switch completely to FI in '68. 
That was just VWoA that decided not to import the carbed versions after '67. 
Our emission laws may have played a part in that decision, but I suspect that 
it was also partly a marketing decision.

It's likely that FI was offered only in First World countries, where support for 
something new was more likely. This was a decision each importer had to 
make for their particular market.

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