[T3] Fuel pump isn't working.

Jeff Palmer w.jeff.palmer at icloud.com
Mon Nov 1 06:21:08 PDT 2021

Hi everyone - 69 automatic notchback parked for the winter … it hasn’t run in about 15 years but we got it going this summer.

The fuel pump seems to run intermittently and if I recall I had the same issue 15 years ago but my memory is fading.  The problem seems to be that sometimes the pump won’t run with the key in the ‘on’ position but will run when it is returned to the ‘off’ position.  A little bit of toggling will get it to operate properly - sometimes. It seems to be accompanied by a clicking under the dash - a relay of some sort?  Are these items related and if so is there an obvious solution?  New relay? Cleaning grounds? New fuel pump?  All of the above??


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