[T3] Fuel pump isn't working.

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Mon Nov 1 10:22:17 PDT 2021

On 1 Nov 2021 at 8:21, Jeff Palmer wrote:

> Hi everyone - 69 automatic notchback parked for the winter ... it hasn´t run in about 15 years but we got it going this summer.
> The fuel pump seems to run intermittently and if I recall I had the same issue 15 years ago but my memory is fading.  The problem seems to be that sometimes the pump won´t run with the key in the `on´ position but will run when it is returned to the `off´ position.  A little bit of toggling will get it to operate properly - sometimes. It seems to be accompanied by a clicking under the dash - a relay of some sort?  Are these items related and if so is there an obvious solution?  New relay? Cleanin grounds? New fuel pump?  llof the above??

This is a rather unusual set of symptoms, but they might be fixed in a couple 
ways. It sounds like your pump might be okay, but may need some 
"exercise" to get it back in shape. That's something that we can't fix unless 
we can get it to run more often. I have two recommendations for that.

First, there is a grounding problem in the '68-9 cars that affects the fuel 
pump. I started making kits to fix this a few years ago. The kits are only $10 
and include some wiring and complete instructions to fix the grounding 
issue. Every '68-9 Type 3 would benefit from this.

Second, I have two kinds of fuel pump priming switches, which can be used 
to run the pumps independent of the FI controls. The cheap kit is $10 for a 
simple pushbutton; the better kit is $30 for a 3 position (Off, Normal, (Prime)) 
HD toggle switch. Both include mounting bracket, necessary wiring, and 
complete instructions.

Yes, there is a relay under the dash that controls the fuel pump. You might 
start by listening when you turn the key ON. You should hear a relay click 
when the key comes ON and a second click ~1 second later. If you don't 
hear both clicks, the first thing to check is the relay under the back seat 
behind the driver seat. That relay should have a ground wire hooked under 
the screw that mounts the relay. Make SURE that screw is tight, so that wire 
has a good ground.

Check those things and get back to us.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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