[T3] A while back I brought up the day my engine was running hot .

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 23:41:58 PDT 2021

I was stuck in traffic on a really hot day. I then said since I only had
400 miles on the oil  I was just going to drain the oil and not remove the
sump plate. I got Valvoline SAE 40 conventional racing oil for the high

 I drove the car the same 6 mile one way trip a few days ago . The ambient
was 69 F .  Usually on days like this the temp is 180 on the VDO temp gauge
it was 15F cooler.

 Same oil I've been using . The drained oil was pretty dark . I just don't
recall making that same trip and having the oil temp lower even at the same

 Not that my memory is great nor do I write down the ambient and compare
the oil temp gauge to compare. Or it might be just new clean oil that
brought the oil temps down . On hot days here where it's in the mid 90's a
1 mile trip shows 180F on the temp gauge.  Figured while I drove the car
far enough I would check the auto trans fluid level the engine lid off and
the heat didn't rise like it usually does and the engine didn't feel real
hot like it does on hotter days. Even though it ran cooler the oil pressure
wasn't much different per RPM, maybe 5 PSI higher . I only take a quick
glance at the gauges and mainly the oil temp.
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