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I'd go with the 70 set up if you can find s complete 70 set up 
(arms, shafts, motor and linkage assembly). It should be a direct swap.About the only thing you might need is new rubber bushings for the body 
to shaft seal. I only say that, as I have no idea how old your existing ones are.I converted my 65 Notch 20 years ago and never looked back.
Bob 65 Notch S with sunroof.

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I'm trying to refurb the wipers on my '69 Squareback.  The original wiper
posts have become pretty gnarled up as they always do but the motor appears
to work just fine.  For my wiper arms, I have one that has the set screw
and another that has the clamp bolt.  Some pictures can be seen at the
link below.  Which would be the better way to go?  Try to refurbish the
original posts, either trying to find replacements or whatever.  Or switch
over to the '70-only model that is splined?  I've seen one for sale on
thesamba.com along with the necessary wiper arms.  What's exactly needed to
make the '70s work, if anything?


Joe Plowick
'69 Squareback
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