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Well ive been doing my research on new tires for the Notch, the alternate
size, 185 70's are even harder to get,

And I don't really want to push to a 195 on that car the way I drive it.


Bunch of garbage or no-name brands.

The Federals are gone

There is a Toyo 330, but if you call Toyo to find out more, like the
treadwear rating, they claim that not only have they never heard of the
tire, they never made one in that size!



There are continentals, but not in the US.


So that leaves the Vred's, more expensive than the Z rated tires I just
bought for the RX7, and ive never heard anything bad about them so probably
the route to go,

The only thing I don't like about them is they are a treadwear 220, leaving
black marks wherever they go.  For the Notch, which I drive seldom, that is
fine but for the Squareback

It's a no-go.  So still looking for something for that car, but im not quite
needing them yet.


Anyone running Nexen's?  Where are they manufactured?  The fact that Walmart
seems to make them their brand doesn't make me smile.  but they may be the
best of the 

Lesser brands.







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