[T3] My charging system

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sat Jun 18 11:48:54 PDT 2022

Well I took an accurate meter hooked it right across the battery terminals
and examined things as I drove thru the various conditions,

As unlike the Stock generator system with an electronic regulator it did not
sit rock steady at 14.4.


This is a stock T4 setup with the alternator and electronic regulator,
although I have used a stock mechanical one with the same results.


After a start, 14 - 14.2, it will stick around 14 for 20 minutes or so then
wander back to 13.8 once im on the highway, holds that relatively 

Consistent till I pull on the headlights, then im 13.5, if I hit the high
beams (which I have rewired to keep the lows on at the same time) im down
around 13.2, if I turn on the fog 

Lights, another 110W, im 12.8 - 12.9.  You'd think with an alternator..


Ive had 2 different alternators on it, same condition and I went thru and
rebuilt the second myself to make sure it was done right.  3 different
regulators and keeping the 

Electronic on there now,  engine has been in and out, checked the ground
straps.  the only clue that anything is amiss with the T4 setup is that as I
draw more current, get lower battery voltage, 

The generator light starts to glow very dimly.


Now I cant say this is a "problem" per say, as I never have any low battery
issues and the last battery lasted me 9 years so it seems to do the job just
fine this way but, as Jim will point

Out, it really should regulate to 14.4 especially with an alternator.


This would have made really good dinner conversation for tonight at  the
invasion, but. Sigh! Maybe for the next invasion, till then it's a listee





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