[T3] 2022 Terryville, CT VW Show Report

cyberfastback cyberfastback at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 19 18:03:44 PDT 2022

Missed another invasion and I hope everyone gets home safely.  Spent about 3 hrs at the Terryville, CT VW Show.
Three T3's in the show and I saw another one coming towards the show after I left around 11 AM.
A 1971 Baby blue Auto Squareback from CTRichards Knowles' 1967 white SqaurebackThat 1964 RHD Notchback that was at the show last year as well.
Anyone else who went know the  detaila on that other Square??  Looked early-ish...

Big swap and a lot of cars but seems like a lot of toy and tee shirt vendors.  Lots of parts for other models but slim pickings for our T3s. I guess all those non parts vendors keeps the shows going so that is a  good thing....

I did pick  up a NOS late Master (311 611 015), A NOS RHS Door panel (315 867 016) tag show 868 which I'm guessing is the color code?  Don't have my parts book handy..Whats labeled as a rebuilt Sqaureback oil "Coller" {sic}  I didn't know they rebuild oil coolers.  Hmmm No manufacturer name on the box either. A couple of Nice NOS Hagus W. German chrome side view mirrors (311 857 501 C)

A few other smaller bits there and that very expense vendor from Brewster, NY  I can never see [paying $275 for a NOS muffler that isn't even the better "F" late version. Pass! '
 And I didn't see Keith but the, vendor I got the Master from had a used auto start that you said you were looking  for last Terryville Show.. Guy wanted $100.  I took his Phone # if you are interested.  he's from MA.

 That's about it unless someone saw some stuff i missed.

Links to some car and parts pics below:




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