[T3] On and off hard start FI 73 type 3 ?

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 15:31:34 PDT 2022

 I have a prime switch and use it until I hear no more air then cycle the
key once pump the pedal once and most of the time it starts fine. Sometimes
it will start then quit yet I try the key again and it starts right up.
Once it starts I can drive it and shut down and it always starts right up.

 I drove it yesterday and it started fine , today it quit once then

 I  replaced the fuel pressure regulator back in the mid 90's yet even the
original worked fine , never had any issues starting or air in the fuel
lines where I needed a primer switch
 I just turned the key and it fired right up.

 I have checked everything and have power to the ECU from the power relay
and the pump relay always times out every time. The connector that feeds
the ECU from the power relay is clean and tight.  I replaced the fuel pump
with a 2 port type and it's been fine. I also replaced the fuel filter and
don't have many miles since both were done. Not long ago I took apart the
power relay and cleaned the contacts and replaced the ground wire since
half of the  1/4 " female crimp was missing.

 All I can think of is that the fuel pressure regulator is bleeding down
overnight. The fact that once it's started then runs and starts right up
every time after tells me it's not a wiring issue.

 The odd part is usually if it starts and tries to die if I feather the
throttle it will keep running. It's when it starts and runs for a minute or
so then just quits that has me baffled. This has only happened a few times.

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