[T3] On and off hard start FI 73 type 3 ?

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1969 Type 3 Stock Fuel Injector Service

On 25 Jun 2022 at 20:38, William Jahn wrote:
> > How long do fuel injectors last? I bought 4 new ones in 2002. That's what
> > I have in it now.
This is by no means an endorsement or recommendation of the Valley Diesel
A little injector history of my (Wisconsin driven) one-owner 1969 Square.

1.)  The '69 was purchased as a family car.  Our children were 8 & 5 years

2.)  I drove the car summers & winters (UGH.... salt & rust-belt use.)
until about 1981.

When I was on a business trip, my wife loaded up the Square with several
bags of aluminum cans to take to the recycler.

When leaving, she drove over a concrete ramp/curb & "dropped" the left rear
wheel several inches to the concrete floor as she drove toward the exit

The force of the "drop", drove the engine out of the left engine mount with
enough force that the firewall sheet metal  partially cut the high-pressure
fuel line.

She was able to "limp" home, puking fuel on the 2-mile drive.

3.)  The car sat in the garage for a couple of years while I (occsionally)
tried to locate the source of the leak.

4.)  When I finally located & repaired the hose, the '69 was a "dailly
driver" until 2001, when "we" had my stroke on Friday the 13th of July 2001.

5.)  In 2001, the car went into a unheated, but dry barn storage, for 9

Enter the picture ... Jim Adney.

6.)  With repeated phone calls about getting the Square "road worthy"
again. ... Jim's recommendation was to replace all of the fuels lines.
He also said:  "Have all of the Fuel Injectors cleaned and checked."

I found, 20 miles away:
Valley Diesel Injection Service
2034 Nee-Vin Road
Neenah, WI. 54956
(920) 722-3318

7.)  I had:
A.)  4 original 1969 Fuel Injectors &
B.)  4 Bosch injectors of unknown condition.

8.)  Valley Diesel ...
     A.)  inspected,
     B.)  tested,
     C.)  "reverse" cleaned each injector,
     D.)  test all 8 injectors for "spray pattern" &
     E.)  Provided a written report of the condition of each injector.

I ended up with 4 excellent, usable injectors, that are currently in the
1600 engine; two (2) so-so injectors & two (2) unusable injectors.

Sorry for the long read, ...
but you may wish to check out Valley Diesel Injection Service for possible
service of your Fuel Injectors.

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