[T3] Type 3's at Cincinnati VW show, Sept. 25

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Thu Oct 6 14:46:38 PDT 2022

Photos (maybe on the Samba?) would be greatly appreciated!

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> Melissa and I made it home late Tuesday afternoon. We spent a day in 
> Richmond, IN, where I grew up, visiting some friends that we don't often get 
> to see. My parents have passed on, so our reasons for visiting have 
> declined.
> Our orange FI/AT '71 Square ran almost perfectly for the whole trip. There 
> were maybe 4 times when the engine did a "long miss" which seemed like a 
> complete 4 cylinders worth, so I'm guessing that a bit of dirt got in the FI 
> trigger points. One of those times we were near idle, and the engine came to 
> a complete stop, which was disconcerting, but it started right back up. I'll pull 
> the distributor later today and give it a complete workover, to make sure 
> there's not something lurking there.
> The worst thing that happened was when I locked my keys in the car. But I 
> have a habit of leaving the windows cracked open, so, one bent coathanger 
> later, the door was back open. Now I realize that I've lost the habit of pulling 
> my key because the electronic key to our modern Golf never leaves my 
> pocket. For the rest of our trip, our stopping routine became for me to pull 
> the key and announce, "I have the key!" Next time, I'll make sure Melissa 
> gets a second key to hide in her purse.
> The Cincy show was quite nice. When we drove in, the folks driecting 
> parking were so impressed, they parked us up front, so everyone could see 
> what a Type 3 looked like. We were the only Type 3s, except for 2 rather 
> ratty and slammed Squares that arrived late and parked way back. It was 
> mostly VWs, but there were some very nice old Porsches, too. I didn't pay 
> any attention to the Audis, except there was a 1950 Auto Union on a trailer 
> that was for sale. Dave & Gail Pallo's '72 Square (Elwood) and John & Jill's 
> '67 Type 34 (Karmann) both won awards.
> One interesting tidbit: While they were giving out the many awards, one of 
> the club workers came over to me to thank us for bringing all our Type 3s. 
> When I expressed surprise that no Type 4s had shown up, he developed a 
> rather blank look on his face. Finally he asked, "What's a Type 4?" I 
> explained as best I could with no example to point to, but then it came out 
> that he was the owner of the very nice red 2.0 914/4 at the show. I pointed 
> out that his VIN started with a 4, and that his 914 was to Type 4s as a Type 
> 34 is to Type 3s: a rather special example. I don't think he was particularly 
> pleased to learn this, but I hope he'll do a bit of research and figure out what 
> a Type 4 is
> Next time we do something like this, we need to bring a Type 4 along.
> Of course, the best part of this trip was getting together with John & Jill, 
> Dave & Gail, Marion & Peg, and Keith again. We immediately fit together 
> again, like fingers in a glove. Our COVID, long dry spell, was finally broken. 
> Thanks to each of you for making this such an enjoyable trip.
> This trip took us 1006 miles and consumed 43.12 gallons of 87 octane gas, 
> for an average of 23.3 mi/gal. That was a bit lower than I expected, but we 
> had a lot of wind for most of the trip, plus this is an AT car.
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