[T3] 2024 Invasion Updates!

John Jaranson john at carartbyjohn.com
Mon Dec 4 17:15:42 PST 2023

On 30 Nov 2023 at 2:50, John Jaranson wrote:

> and I booked our room at the Stone House Motel for the Invasion!

And I just made our reservation, too. We took one of the rooms with 2 beds,
but without a kitchen. Price is $115/night, no free breakfast, but there's a
diner across the street. I made our reservations for June 20-23, assuming
we'd leave on Sunday, but we can be bribed to stay until Monday if there's a
good reason to.

Jill and I are staying over Sunday night and then driving back Monday morning/afternoon.

We reserved the A-frame with the two King beds as our niece Gabby is likely to be coming with us.

Getting exciting!

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