[T3] FI fuel pump (rebuilt) to purchase?

jaredkohler at gmail.com jaredkohler at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 19:16:07 PDT 2023

Hello Group, it's been quite a while since I've reached out to you all. So,
here goes...

I recently acquired a nice, stock 69 Square with FI and auto trans. The PO
installed what looks like a Beetle FI pump (aluminum housing body) with a
very large IN and small out port. It will hang up from time to time. If I
turn the key off / on rapidly a few times, it will finally spin-up. So, not
very reliable, though once it's pumping it keeps running, though it worries
me all the same.

Now, I'm hoping to find a rebuilt original style FI pump. I know I had
sourced one for my 1970 Fastback via this group several years back.
Anyone have one? Will I need a core? Point me in the right direction.

The help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Santa Barbara, CA
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