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Wow, John, those carbs look awesome. Does he blast those parts with
baking soda? Sophy still looks great; it's hard to believe that it's been 22
years since you bought her. Once you owned her, how long did it take to get
her drivable, and then into this beautiful, final condition?

I started driving her as my daily before in the Spring of 2002 and then drove her out to Idaho that August for the first Invasion.  She was still basically stock with what was left of her original VW Blue paint.  I took her off the road in the Spring of 2003 and started what turned out to be the 18 month long customization/restoration.  I finished just in time to make the drive to Hershey for the 2004 Invasion.  As a matter of fact, we were still buffing out the paint and doing finally trim install the night before I left for the Invasion.

It's also hard to believe that we are ALL now 22 years older!

I know, right?  This was from 2000 when I came out to meet you and Russ and check out Sophy for the first time.


We're looking forward to seeing a bunch of our east side Type 3 friends at
the Gilmore Aircooled Gathering in June. I've got 2 cars coming from
Wisconsin, but I'm still hoping that others may decide to attend. Have you
heard anything from Bob & Sue Heydt?

I have not, but reached out to their son Rob on Facebook in case I had an old email for Bob.

John Jaranson

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