[T3] Invasion memories...

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Well I have a garage at the camp 20 minutes from Ti if we need to!
Ahh... the fun of cross country trips.  I miss it!


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I posted this on the Samba, but thought it would be good to post here also.
Nothing like driving across the country for an Invasion to stress test your
Type 3. Sophy has had her fair share of roadside and parking lot repairs in
all 10 of her Invasion trips. Yes, she has been to every Invasion!

2002 - Parma, ID. 4 New Tires in Parma, ID (the recaps were just not up to
the task of the return trip). New 6V starter bushing installed in Russ
Wolfe's shop in Iowa on the way out. I think we welded up one of my j-tubes
also at Russ's place also.

2004 - Hershey, PA. New clutch and main seal in Hershey, PA Dropped the
engine in the hotel parking lot.

2006 - Myrtle Creek, OR. Brass plug in the bottom of the left-hand float
bowl fell out at highway speed in the middle of nowhere, WY dumping fuel all
over the left side of the engine and exhaust. Miraculously, it landed on the
engine tin and stayed there. Just had to re-install it after changing my
shorts. <G> Electro-magnetic shut-off valve failed on the way home. Russ
Wolfe took it off the carb, snipped off the cut-off plunger effectively
making it a static jet. Worked perfectly and is still on the carb.

2008 - Ypsilanti, MI. Only 30 miles from the house. No major repairs needed!

2010 - -Carthage, MO. Condensor to Coil wire fell at speed on the interstate
effectively killing the engine. Easy fix after coasting to a stop.

2012 - Colorado Springs, CO. One of the short carb linkage rods popped off
about 2 miles from home. Easy parking lot fix.

2014 - Fairport, NY. No issues with Sophy, but we did have to replace the
two bolts for the fan housing (the ones behind the fan) on Jill's Type 34
Ghia on the way out. Not a fun job a parking lot...

2016 - Prescott Valley, AZ. Had one of the fuel inlet brass pipes come loose
from the carb. Not a fun fix in the 100F+ heat in AZ, but got it done. Also
had the muffler fall off at highway speed just outside St. Louis, MO on the
way back. We were able to retrieve the muffler and make it to a muffler shop
the next more to get it welded back on. Jill's Ghia ran flawlessly for the
whole 4051 mile round trip.

2018 - Scottsboro, AL. No issues with either car.

2020 - COVID! No Invasion. No repairs.

2022 - Crescent City, CA. New cylinder heads in Crescent City, CA. Dropped
the engine in the hotel parking lot...again...after towing Sophy the last
half of the trip out there behind a U-Haul truck. Also got a new rotor
(delivered by train in the middle of the night) in Winnemucca, NV. Jill's
Ghia stayed home due to the electric A/C install not being completed....and
the length of the trip.
Hoping for an Invasion trip to Ticonderoga, NY free of major roadside or
parking lot repairs in 2024 !

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