[T3] Maiden Run - 5/23/2023

Gary Forsmo gbforsmo at gmail.com
Tue May 23 16:14:54 PDT 2023

With the help of a friend, I retrieved the VW Battery out of the basement
where it had been stored for the too l-o-n- g Wisconsin winter.

Cleaned the cable connections & battery posts. Spread the battery lugs
slightly.  Per Jim A., it helps seat the connectors slightly when the
battery posts are ~ 1/8" above the lugs.

Ran the Fuel Pump with the 3-position Switch for ~ 10 seconds, turned the
key to the Start position, & voila - the engine started on the first try.

Checked tire pressure and took a pleasurable 39-mile round trip ride at
"in-town" and 55 MPH highway speeds.  Engine ran smoothly in every gear
without so much as 1 hiccup.

Great feeling to have my '69 Square back on the road again.  Hope to log
several thousand miles between now and September/October.
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