[T3] Engine "stumble' on Start

Gary Forsmo gbforsmo at gmail.com
Wed May 24 19:19:45 PDT 2023

My 40-mile maiden run yesterday was without incident, but ....

After the Fuel Ring was pressurized (~ 10 seconds of the Fuel Pump
running)  and I heard the "bubbles" in the fuel tank cease, the (cold)
engine started on the first try of cranking the engine.

After the engine ran at idle  for a short time, it started to "lope".  High
idle followed by extremely low idle.  Wash, rinse, repeat..... for a few
minutes.  Then without touching the throttle pedal, the engine settled down
to what I assumed was steady idle.  About 750(?) RPM.

I think that's normal.  But what engine component is responsible for this?
Start; idle normal; "loping"; followed by normal idle speed.  ???
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