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Unfortunately my Squareback's needs this fall have prevented me from going
on a birding adventure, as the Tbird sits with its rear suspension still
apart from the summer.
One thing here in NY, the stations that have the cheapest regular gouge the
price of hi-test, and vice versa, not ALWAYS, but often.


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<Jim Adney wrote

Using Gasbuddy.com, I see HUGE prices on our west coast. I'd like to hear
what other people out there are actually paying. And is there an explanation
for why gas prices are especially high in California?

Jill and I drive all the way across the state today on a birding adventure.
We saw regular gas prices from $3.039 to about $3.499.  Diesel was as high
as $4.599 and that was a station selling regular gasoline for $3.199 per
.a whopping $1.40 more per gallon.  Most places were between 70-80
cents more per gallon for Diesel over regular gasoline.

I don’t have a diesel vehicle, so I have never really paid much attention,
but it was interesting to see the differences due to this thread.


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