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Hal Sullivan howlingmokister at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 21:20:48 PDT 2023

I've got a 2008 Mercedes ML320 CDI, essentially the same engine as the 
Sprinter used for over a decade, bought it with an eye towards towing 
capacity without being a giant domestic pick'em'up truck.  Longer range 
between fill-ups than the gas version is a bonus.  My car is rated 
18/24MPG vs the same-year ML350 (gas) at 15/20MPG, and going by the 
current prices at the nearby Costco where I usually fill up the diesel 
is slightly cheaper to drive than an otherwise-identical gas version 
would be.  I did the math before buying it and it still mostly holds up

Neither one, gas or diesel, is a car I'd particularly want to work on.  
That's what tow trucks and shops and dealerships are for. :-)

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