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Ive heard that the modern diesel trucks have much less gas mileage advantage over their Gas counterparts due to all the smogging stuff they have to have, and the special expensive extra
Juice you have to put in and other nonsense.  Gas is getting more  efficient too, I drove the 10' Uhaul box truck back from VA with the Square in tow and still got 12.7MPG, and when you think
That just a few decades ago, you couldn’t even get that in a full size car!


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I've got a 2008 Mercedes ML320 CDI, essentially the same engine as the Sprinter used for over a decade, bought it with an eye towards towing capacity without being a giant domestic pick'em'up truck.  Longer range between fill-ups than the gas version is a bonus.  My car is rated 18/24MPG vs the same-year ML350 (gas) at 15/20MPG, and going by the current prices at the nearby Costco where I usually fill up the diesel is slightly cheaper to drive than an otherwise-identical gas version would be.  I did the math before buying it and it still mostly holds up

Neither one, gas or diesel, is a car I'd particularly want to work on. That's what tow trucks and shops and dealerships are for. :-)

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